About Us


Since our humble beginning in 1976, TEO BOON TRANSPORT has put in continuous effort in improving and expanding our operations.


Our Aim: To provide affordable transportation that is also safe, comfortable and reliable.

We are Professional


With years (decades!) of private bus hire experience, we are committed to supplying our customers with quality services at affordable prices.   With an established workflow, we are able to plan and schedule bus trips smoothly and efficiently.  With a large fleet of vehicles, we have become one of the larger private bus transport providers in Singapore. As a registered government contractor, we often provide transportation services to government-related organizations. We are also a longstanding member of the Singapore School and Private Hire Bus Owners Association.


Focus on Quality


The competition in the industry is stiff but that does not lead us to compromise on quality.  On the contrary, we focus on quality.  We carefully select our drivers and emphasize on timely arrival and departure.  We work very closely with our customers in planning their schedules and to date, we have forged strong relationships with our clients and have also established ourselves as a trustworthy business partner in the provision of transportation services.


Adhere to Safety Standards


All our buses undergo routine safety check-ups performed by LTA (Land Transport Authority).   We also ensure that all our buses adhere to safety requirements set forth by LTA.  All our buses are also equipped with seat belts.


Our Drivers


All our drivers are licensed and properly insured.  They have amassed many years of valuable experience, and together with their matured disposition and friendly attitude, they are competent to handle varied situations on and off the roads.


Our Client Base


Over the years, we have built up a large range of customers that include schools, government-related organizations, companies in the private sector and individuals.

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